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Our Platform

QCMetrix offers the most trustworthy and user-friendly surgical outcomes data platform and services.

Since 2001, it has captured and audited over a million cases at hundreds of hospitals, making it the most validated, secure, and reliable platform for surgical quality improvement.

National and regional collaboratives, hospitals, providers, health plans and academic medical centers have used QCMetrix in collaborative quality initiatives to improve outcomes, reduce costs and improve patients’ lives. Choose from the following to learn more: 


QCMetrix offers the flexibility and rigor to move quickly to:

  • React quickly to changes in policy and compliance requirements
  • Incorporate advances in clinical insights
  • Collect data to support research and education
  • Enable early innovators of new processes, such as pre-habilitation and managing patient quality of life after surgery.

Application Suite Diagram
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The platform consists of:


QCMitt enables the automated submission of electronic data, already available in providers’ and hospitals’ clinical databases, into the secure QCMetrix outcomes database. This way, nurses can spend their time analyzing and improving quality hands-on, rather than entering data.

QCMitt increases the productivity of the nurse reviewer. It streamlines the data collection process while improving the reliability of the data being captured. The nurse can then use their clinical judgment in assuring the data’s integrity.

QCMitt is being extended to receive data in more formats, and to include features for multi-hospital systems, so that installing it is simplified. Once installed, it is a fully automated tool.

To see how QCMitt reduced nurse reviewers’ workload by 30%, at Barnes-Jewish Hospital click here.


QCMetrix can work with you to implement the next generation of automated data feeds, from your health information systems to the QCMetrix database, using HL7.


QCWorkstation, the “Nurse’s Workstation” is a productivity and work management tool that facilitates the entry of data in the outcomes database.

The new browser-based QCWorkstation is built from 12 years’ experience supporting national and regional, multi-site collection of over 1 million surgical cases at hundreds of hospitals.

QCWorkstation provides:

  • Over 800 automated business rules to validate data submitted
  • 30-day follow up letters customized to the hospital
  • MyData, a new set of easy-to-use data management tools to access and analyze the hospital’s or provider’s own submitted data, and a new set of tools for the nurse to streamline, gather, organize, and make practical use of the outcomes data.
  • Faster responsiveness than most web software
  • Audit trail for data entered, modified, accessed

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Unlike other platforms, all data entered into the QCMetrix outcomes database is hosted in a highly-secure, high-availability private cloud specific to QCMetrix. All data elements transmitted and stored are encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption, fully compliant with HIPAA and HITECH regulations.


Sample Report Image
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The QCMetrix platform provides you with dynamically updated reports, charts, and dashboards, customized to your specific needs. The reports and analyses can be performed on the raw data collected, and can be performed on a risk-adjusted basis. With one click, you can generate PowerPoint presentation slides or import the reports into Excel or PDF.

QCMetrix works with leading bio-statisticians and health services researchers in major health centers across the U.S.


QCMetrix is your partner for collecting, validating and integrating surgical outcomes data. We can also help you with provider accreditation, research, and billing validation.

Measuring and improving quality of care/outcomes are clinically, technically, and organizationally complex. That is the QCMetrix difference: the knowledge, tools and track record. We offer a suite of services that include:


Planning > Technology Platform: Data Collection > Technology Platform: Benchmarking Analysis > Program Management


QCMetrix will advise you in defining your plan for clinical data collection, analysis, and process improvement.

Technology Platform – Data Collection

QCMetrix offers you the most advanced, high-performance, secure, flexible, HIPAA/HITECH-compliant data collection platform, with outstanding customer support. QCMitt™ automates electronic data submission, freeing up your resources to focus on hands-on quality improvement, rather than data collection. MyData enables you to access, manage, and analyze your data and to manage your workflow. Automated validation of your data assures the quality of the data, critical for the integrity of your analysis and performance improvement.

Technology Platform – Benchmarking & Analysis

Utilize standard and custom reports, raw and risk-adjusted, updated continuously to benchmark your performance against other hospitals. These reports help you focus in on areas of highest potential for quality improvement.

Program Management

QCMetrix can perform for you the daily operational management of your clinical data collection and analysis, training, data auditing, and technical and clinical support. Our practices have been built from 12 years of experience serving hundreds of hospitals, enabling pre-eminent national and regional surgical quality improvement initiatives.


Since 2001, we have supported hundreds of hospitals and captured and validated over a million cases.

The quality improvement programs enabled by QCMetrix have saved hundreds of millions of dollars in avoided surgical complications and have saved and improved tens of thousands of lives.

To learn more about QCMetrix in action, review some of our real world results.

Who We Serve

We serve all entities and individuals who need to collect, analyze, and report surgical data and to improve surgical outcomes and reduce costs: Providers, Hospitals/Academic Medical Centers, Collaboratives, and Health Plans. QCMetrix’s tools enable data-driven decision-making by aggregating data and analysis across multiple hospitals/centers.




QCMetrix enables surgeons and surgical practices to satisfy looming health plan requirements for performance while driving quality throughout everything they do. Providers are able to show outcome improvements and improve reimbursement in line with coming mandates. It is increasingly necessary to collect outcomes data for credentialing, recertification, and for documenting quality of care delivered to Health Plans and CMS.




Get a head start on your data analysis and quality improvement efforts by using QCMetrix tools to automatically submit your already available electronic data into our analytical platform. Our platform has proven to be the easiest and least costly to implement with a user-friendly interface for nurses and others to enter data. Our user support enables your team to collect reliable data, essential for driving effective clinical improvement decisions. Also, academic medical centers use this platform for education, research, and innovation.




QCMetrix is unmatched in our ability to support collaboratives that drive surgical quality improvements across hundreds of hospitals. We can support you in building a business case and an outreach program to collaborate with your peers. Using QCMetrix proven, yet flexible models, you can establish yourself as a thought leader in your area and field of expertise while helping to drive measurable improvements in the care of your patients.


Health Plans/Insurers

Health Plans/Insurers

QCMetrix’s collaborative platform has enabled systemic surgical outcomes improvement: reducing complications and costs, and saving patients’ lives. In addition to the management of chronic conditions, health care plans will focus on the next generation of health care cost efficiencies and outcomes management which include systemic surgical outcomes improvement. QCMetrix provides the roadmap, tools and expertise to lower payer costs while improving patient outcomes, simultaneously.



QCMetrix PSO, is a component entity of QCMetrix and received its initial approval from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) on April 16, 2015.


QCMetrix PSO offers healthcare providers a full range of solutions for improving surgical outcomes and increasing patient safety, including:

  • federal level confidentiality protection for quality and safety improvement work
  • A highly robust surgical data capture and data analysis platform providing real time risk and reliability adjusted reporting
  • Access to a secured platform to track, follow, collaborate and exchange real time information regarding reviewable adverse events
  • Perform proactive risk assessment and detailed root cause analysis by sharing data and identifying patterns
  • Satisfy the state insurance participation requirement by maintaining a Patient Safety Evaluation System (PSES)
  • Benchmarking via data submission to Network of Patient Safety Databases (NPSD)

Our highly specialized expertise related to the capture, analysis and management of clinical data has enabled hospitals to establish new procedures, new workflows and new expectations for safety and quality improvement.


QCMetrix has been a pioneer in the collection and use of validated clinical data for surgical quality improvement.

In 2001, we were engaged by the leaders of the Veterans Administration’s National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (VA NSQIP) to help bring the NSQIP to non-VA and private sector hospitals.

After a three-year, $5.6M AHRQ-funded study to validate the program and the QCMetrix platform for the private sector, American College of Surgeons NSQIP (ACS NSQIP) was born. QCMetrix enabled the growth and development of the ACS NSQIP from 2001-2010.

Today, QCMetrix is enabling the growth and development of the Michigan Surgical Quality Collaborative. The Michigan Surgical Quality Collaborative (MSQC) saved the state of Michigan $85.9 million over 2 years .

Since our earliest days, we have enabled thought leaders to realize their visions. And to help them make the business case for their ideas. We are working with the next generation of innovators in areas such as pre-habilitation, real-time prediction of a patient’s surgical risks of complication, and managing patient’s quality of life after surgery.

QCMetrix is the direct recipient of over $3M in NIH research grants for developing analytic tools for predicting:

  • Patient-specific expected Hospital Length of Stay
  • Patient-specific risks of surgical complications, “Decision Support for Safer Surgery”™


If you are interested in scheduling a demo of the QCMetrix platform for measuring, analyzing, and improving surgical outcomes, please contact us at  info@qcmetrix.com or call 781-290-5900 x304